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Dorssers Inc. has conducted
business in the Town of Blenheim,
Ontario, Canada since our inception
in 1965. We are a Canadian
controlled private corporation
specializing in the production of
pellet mill dies, rolls and roll parts
for the feed, waste and pulp

During the past several years we have developed a superior product, second to
none in the industry. Our production equipment is "state of the art" using the
most up-to-date gun drilling and machining technology available and is superior
to most in the industry. To date, we have the largest gun drilling facility in
North America. Heat treatment is conducted "in-house", assuring consistent and
tight quality standards. Our desire to provide a better product is reflected in our
continued efforts to modernize our equipment.

Dorssers Inc. is also active in the design, fabrication and installation of
commercial grain dryers, grain elevators and feed mill systems. Since 1970 we
have produced the largest commercial grain dryer in Canada. Through extensive
research and development, along with continuous upgrades, our dryer has become
recognized as one of the most energy efficient, largest, cross-flow grain dryers
available in the Canadian market.

We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver our goods on time; indeed our
reputation is that we enjoy having the best deliveries in the industry. Dorssers Inc.
has developed a philosophy of providing our customers with products and services
that meet and exceed their expectations. We have grown from a small town, single
market, welding shop; to a global producer, where our proven performance is known