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Dorssers Inc. manufactures a variety of roller shells to meet the desired needs
of our customers. All shells are made of thru-hardened bearing steel to ensure a
superior product.

Are available in four different types: Straight & Helical
Corrugated, both either in Open or Closed Ends.
Corrugated roll shells are the most popular throughout
the pelleting industry due to the fact that they reduce
slippage of materials and offer resistance to plugging
the die.

Numerous "Dimples" are drilled into the roll surface which
when filled with feed (or other materials) acts as a friction
surface for better traction.

These shells are covered with an adhesive mixture of
tungsten carbide particles, thus having the ability to
provide superior traction, and are long lasting.

Dorssers Inc. manufactures and stocks all roll
replacement parts necessary to complete any desired
roller assembly.